Camping in Madison County, Ohio

Trail Sentinel Program Objectives

The idea of the Trail Sentinel Program is for trained volunteers to ride the trail and be the eyes and ears for the local law enforcement agencies.

The objectives of TSP as stated in the Policy & Procedures manual are:

  1. To promote safe conditions for all recreational trail users in Madison County.
  2. To maintain a safe trail by being alert to hazards, obstacles and general trail conditions, and to provide remedies as required.
  3. To report adverse trail conditions to individuals and agencies that have jurisdiction in the area.
  4. To educate the public on all trail use guidelines and policies, trail users etiquette, and to report infractions to individuals and agencies that have jurisdiction in the local area.
  5. To assist in the care of injured or ill persons.
  6. To provide assistance in emergency bike repair if possible.

Knowledge of skills and physical demands required as stated in the Policies & Procedures manual:

  1. Ability to communicate positively w/staff, visitors, and adjacent property owners.
  2. Ability to use a cell phone.
  3. Ability to complete the First Aid & CPR Course (or be certified already)
  4. Ability to complete the bicycle repair course.
  5. Ability to complete the Basic Bicycle Patrol course.
  6. Ability to volunteer patrolling a minimum of 4 hours monthly.
  7. Willingness to wear a designated uniform (i.e. t-shirt, vest, helmet liner)
  8. Provide your own bicycle for patrolling.
  9. Carry a pack with first aid kit, logbook, cell phone, etc.
  10. Learn, follow, and teaches basic Trail Etiquette, laws, and rules established for use of the trail.
  11. Set a good example at all times, and be professional in language and attitude since you will be representing the Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails, the City of London, and the Madison County Park District.

Volunteers would be trained in:

  • Basic Bicycle Patrolling
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Basic Bicycle Repair