South Charleston Trailhead
to London

The South Charleston trailhead is located in the general vicinity of 150 East Mound Street.

Here as you leave the trailhead area, you will proceed east on Mound Street, following the historic era street lights.

Ohio to Erie Trail signs have been posted along these street lights, with arrows indicating the correct direction to turn.

At this intersection, riders will proceed straight on Mound Street through the traffic light at Chillicothe Street.

This photo illustrates the spacing of the street lights on Mound Street that clearly identify the bike route.  At the stop sign ahead, riders will turn right onto Church Street.

After turning right onto Church Street, you have almost reached the continuation of the paved path.

After a short .5 mile ride from the trailhead, you have reached the intersection of Woodward Street.  Church Street ends and St Rt 41 begins.

Follow the crosswalk to the left into the driveway of Colonial Stair and Woodworking.

Here the paved bike path continues toward London.

After 10 miles, you will reach the London Trailhead.

If you ride about .1 mile past the London Trailhead, the trail ends at Midway Street.  We hope to reach an agreement with Norfolk Southern Railroad to continue the trail straight ahead through this corridor.

In the mean time, follow the bike route signs through town to Maple Street.

Bike Route Summary:  (1.5 miles)

Turn right onto Midway Street (St Rt 38).
Turn left on Center Street (St Rt 665).
Turn left on Maple Street.

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