London Trailhead
to South Charleston

The London trailhead is located at the Madison County Senior Center at 280 West High Street in London.

As you approach the Madison County Senior Center from downtown London, you will see three entrances to the parking area.  Please enter at the third entrance on your left.

Signs are posted at the first two entrances, pointing in the direction of the correct entrance.

The first two entrances are for our Senior Citizens to park to enjoy the activities at the center.  Please respect our Senior Citizens, and do not park here. 

If you are approaching the Madison County Senior Center from the west, please enter at the first entrance.

From either direction, you will turn into this entrance, and proceed to the trailhead parking area behind the Senior Center.

The correct entrance is identified with this Prairie Grass Trailhead sign.

Follow the driveway to the left into the trailhead parking area.

There are 14 parking spaces available. 

IF THIS LOT IS FULL, you may go back to the Senior Center lot for overflow parking.   (Please respect our Senior Citizens and park as far away from the facility as possible.)

Proceed on the trail spur to the Prairie Grass Trail, and turn right to ride to South Charleston and beyond.

Each intersection along the trail is identified with Ohio to Erie Trail signs.

Here is where you reach the end of the paved trail at St Rt 41 in South Charleston.

Signage has been completed to identify the "bike route" through town to the South Charleston trailhead. 

Note the Ohio to Erie Trail sign posted on the historic era street light.

Follow the historic era street lights that have been installed along the entire Bike Route through town by the Village of South Charleston. 

Ohio to Erie Trail signs have been posted along these street lights, with arrows indicating the correct direction to turn.

Soon you will arrive at the intersection of Church Street and Mound Street.  Proceed left on Mound Street.

Continue to follow the historic era street lights on Mound Street.

When you reach the downtown intersection of Mound and Chillicothe Street, continue straight through on Mound Street.

Continue to follow the historic era street lights on Mound Street.

After a short .5 mile ride through South Charleston, you have reached the trailhead.
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