London Nature Preserve Project
The new Roberts Pass Trailhead on the east side of London is the first phase of the future London Nature Preserve.  
Rod Arter, a Design Illustrator from Delaware, Ohio, was able to capture a mental image of the area in several artistic color sketches.
This photo gallery begins with those sketches, and continues with photos of the various stages of construction.  

If you would like FMCPT to give a presentation to your organization or business about this project, please email  
FMCPT is interested in receiving Letters of Support for this project from local individuals, organizations, and businesses.  
We encourage you to write FMCPT at PO Box 308, London, OH 43140.  
Your support will assist us to gain the backing of local officials as well help us during the grant writing phase.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Click on the small thumbnail photos to see a larger photo with captions. 
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